New approx 150 Cu Ft Working Capacity Stainless Steel Double Ribbon Blender Model SLY-6 (Note: we also sell other size models from 75 to 200Cu Ft please e-mail for details) Features: High efficiency, widely applied single shaft blender, the double ribbon is attached in main shaft and running together. The material discharge outlet is opened in the bottom of cylinder shell, the worm spiral structure of outer ribbon cooperated with main shaft will move inner side material to center outlet to ensure all material to be discharged without dead corner, all contact parts are 304 Stainless Steel, otherwise carbon steel and painted. Delivery: Approx 10-12 Weeks from receipt of 65% deposit. https://youtu.be/5XXtKjrQRmk Electrics: 3Ph/60Hz/220Volts. Model SLY-6 Total volume(L) 6000L Total volume in cubic feet 212 Loading efficiency 60-70% Effective volume(m3) 3.6-4.2 Max loading capacity (kg) 3600 Rotate speed(rpm) 27 Power (KW) 37 Power(HP) 50.3 Weight (kg) 5600 Length (mm) 5530 Width (mm) 1560 Height (mm) 2200