Used FLUID AIR type 003 Turbo Micronizing Mill

Category: Granulators  —  Other

Used FLUID AIR type 003 Turbo Micronizing Mill. Features: 304 stainless steel (rotor in 17-4PH stainless steel) with No 4 grit polish finish, Product feed hopper (approx 20 litres) with variable speed drive and RPM indication. Has full nitrogen purge system to all of the hazard zones (the mill feed hopper; mill feed device; and rotor bearing seals). As a safety feature their is an oxygen (PAC II) sensor which monitors the O2 levels and shuts down the power if the O2 level of 6% is exceeded. The Mill rotor has a four arm design with two fixed impact blades on each arm. Each impact blade has a flat surface and a radiused surface to enable two milling options by reversing the rotor direction of rotation. The mill chamber cannot be accessed without removing the bolted mechanical guarding system. Has an Estop and DC brake for instant stop. The control panel is purged with compressed air and has a 10 minute delay before power can be operated. Also has a large capacity high efficiency exhaust filter with reverse jet cleaning system and removable collection bin. Very limited use for R&D.


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