Used Automatic Water Filling Line


Used Automatic Water Filling Line. Features: +3800BPH mono-block rinser/filler/capper, 2008 unit, change parts for 330ml, 500ml, 1L & 1.5L, 208V 3 phase 20amp, PLC controls +wrap-a-round labeler 2008 unit, has been used for both spot and wrap labels, capable of 4500 labels/hour 220v 1phase, 15amp, PLC controls +shrink packer and heat tunnel 2008 unit, completely automatic, can be run in manual mode, full wrap with/or without trays. 208v 3 phase, 80amp (heater) , PLC controls +18.9L mono-block washer/rinser/filler/capper 2005 unit, 60 BPH, PLC controls. pumps upgraded 2015. +Automatic RSBM bottle blower 2008 unit 2 cavity, 1800 bottles an hour, setup for 28MM neck finish. Moulds for 330ml, 500mL, 1L 1.5L High and Low pressure Air Compressors, Mould water chiller, Air drier and filters. +Manual RSBM bottle Blower 2006 unit 800bph / 250bph. chage parts for both dual or single cavity operation. 1 single cavity 4L mould, varoiur 500ml, 1L, 1.5L dual cavity moulds, High pressure air compressor +1800gal/day RO & softener, 2 UV lights, and filters. +2 poly storage tanks +extra conveyor +Hand Capper for 38MM and 18MM sport caps +tools and change parts. Note: Removal/Crating/Shipping/Customs are at additional cost as required

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